Drum Therapy

Drum for JoyIt had been a career-long dream of Plymouth chiropractor Richard Brech to somehow incorporate the healing modalities of drumming into his practice.

Brech is thrilled that this personal goal has become a reality over the last year with the formation of “Drum for Joy”, a drum circle held monthly in Carver and open to the public. More recently, Brech has opened up his office at 345 Court Street in Plymouth to also hold a drum circle at 7 p.m. on the first Friday of each month.

A professional drummer, Brech had done extensive research on the health benefits of drumming (particularly in a group setting) and knew that it is a very effective anti-stress activity, soothing to both the mind, body, and spirit. Results of his studies showed that rhythm taps into layers of the mind and body that other modalities cannot. Other studies have shown that repeat drumming changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm and focused awareness.

A primal custom as old as humanity itself, drumming allows communication across cultures, ages, and abilities, whether engaged in as a corporate team-building exercise, or as a recreational or therapeutic medium. Plato knew that “music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” And Babatunde Olatunji saw that “rhythm is the soul of life. The whole universe revolves around rhythm. Every thing and every action revolves in rhythm.”

The mantra of “Drum for Joy” is “connecting…healing…celebrating…through drum gatherings.” The benefits of drumming include stress reduction, self-expression, creativity, being “in the now”, heightened spirituality, elevated self-esteem, and increased awareness and focus – not to mention team-building, unity, and exercise. As those who have participated have realized, a room full of strangers becomes a community of one as the spirits of participants are lifted.

Drum gatherings are increasingly being sought after for corporate events. Custom-designed gatherings can be geared toward increased productivity and creativity, cooperation, identification of strengths, team-building, strategic planning, problem-solving, empathy, leadership skills, focus, tolerance, trust, forward-thinking, and more. A consultation to assess goals is recommended prior to your booking.

Recent clients include

*  Radius Healthcare & Pediatric Center of Plymouth
*  Cranberry Hospice of Plymouth
*  Plymouth Estates (an over-55 community) of Plymouth
*  The Larches Inn Retreat Facility of Carver
*  Mass General Hospital Healthcare Center of Revere

Karen Foster, a volunteer coordinator for the Plymouth Cranberry Hospice, said of her recent experience:

“So much energy! So many different kinds of drums! It was fun to be open and try out something new and different. For me, it was just that. I feel a connection to our Native American history and this brought it to life for me. It also made me think about our patients and how we need to be aware of the uniqueness of us all, how we can come from different backgrounds and have our own stories to tell. It brought awareness to the fact that what brings comfort to one may not for another. Thanks again to Dr. Brech and Sally for a very enlightening evening of drumming, chanting, and meditation!”

It is Brech’s belief that everyone can drum. Whether you’re a beginner or were born with rhythm, whether you’re healthy or infirm, there’s a place for you at the drumming circle. Others there will help you discover and express the rhythm that is already within you. The event is tailored to the experience and comfort level of the group. Nobody is singled out, put on the spot, or required to solo unless he or she wants to. There is no instruction unless participants request it. The event is intended to be relaxed and to encourage the enthusiasm and creative potential of the group.

Brech and his partner, Sally Pollard Fiore, bring the drums and other percussion to the gatherings — unless participants have their own drums, bells, woodblocks, and shakers, in which case they are welcome to bring them. Drum circles can be held indoors or out. Chairs or benches (preferably without arms) are required. The circle usually lasts an hour and a half to two hours.

All are welcome to attend the monthly drum circle in either Carver or at Dr. Brech’s office. If you’re considering introducing drumming to your group or company, so that they can experience the joyful and meditative qualities of drumming and learn how following one’s own authentic rhythm can synergize in a circle, contact Dr. Brech at (774)45409791, or Sally Pollard Fiore at (774)454-4412 or sallyjofiore@hotmail.com to discuss rates and availability.

Participants may be pleasantly surprised by their abilities, as well as by what they hear and feel from the collective.

Drum for Joy was founded in 2009 by Dr. Richard Brech and Sally Pollard Fiore, both of Carver. Become a fan on Facebook, or follow their blog at www.drumforjoy.wordpress.com.

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